About Us

The Nairobi Hospital

Opened in 1954, The Nairobi Hospital has excelled in medical expertise and services provision and has deservedly earned recognition throughout East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, treatment and referral centre. Expansive investment in latest technology and medical equipment has enabled us establish leadership in medical procedures both in Kenya and outside.

We take pride in our highly qualified professionals who deliver our mission every day, translating their knowledge and expertise to internationally compliant practices in healthcare provision. Courtesy, consideration and unreserved respect towards our patients’ privacy, dignity and confidentiality has time and again helped us earn their trust and goodwill. Our dedicated nursing staff provides professional care within a friendly and comfortable environment, ensuring that being in hospital is a more pleasurable and less anxious time for our patients and their families.

Our Vision

To be the leading healthcare institution in the region providing world-class treatment and service.

Our Mission

To offer patients the best care, using advanced technology in an atmosphere of trust, safety and comfort.

Our Corporate Culture

We are specific about quality and we take pride in our reputation in provision of the highest standards of health care; we give patient satisfaction paramount attention. Our management style creates a sense of belonging and thus our highly motivated and committed staff believes in teamwork and assisting each other to accomplish the corporate mission. Our admitting doctors are highly qualified and have specialized skills which meet international standards. We continue to maintain our nurses’ training school as part of our professional development programme.

We are self-financing and any surpluses are reinvested in hospital development, for the benefit of patients. In order to monitor our own performance we will continue to be subject to internal and external audits. We believe that the efficient utilization of our human and material resources is essential for the long term future of the hospital

Our Values

  • Dedication: We are dedicated to offering patients and their families efficient service and great value for their money.
  • Empathy: We are devoted to providing a warm, friendly and caring environment in which patients can recover.
  • Inspiration: We are an organization that inspires our staff to achieve the extraordinary and develop the best careers.
  • Quality: We pursue superior performance and quality in all we do, to build and preserve the Hospital’s clinical, organizational and financial strength.
  • Partnerships: We recognize the value of strong internal and external partnerships to accomplish our goals.

Senior Management

The Nairobi Hospital is currently under the able leadership of Dr. Allan Pamba (CEO), who is assisted by a competent team of Divisional Heads and Heads of key departments.

Dr. Allan Pamba

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kenn Zarowiwa

Ag. Finance Director

Dr. Dorcas Kiai

Ag. Human Resources Director

Ms. Maryanne Wahito

Ag. Head of Marketing & Customer Service

Mr. Silas Mutuerandu

Ag. Head of Support Services

Mrs. Margaret Sirima

Ag. Director, Nursing Services

Dr. Aysha Edwards

Ag. Medical Director

Inpatient Coordinator

Inpatient Coordinator

Inpatient Coordinator

Dr. Mary Kisingu

Chief Pharmacist

Dr. Jeniffer Nabaweesi

Chief Radiologist

Ms. Jessica Shiraku

Chief Physiotherapist

Procurement Manager

Manager, Procurement & Stores

Mr. Edward Tuitoek

Ag. Director, ICT

Ms. Maria Muthai

Internal Audit Manager

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