All you need to know about Our Specialist Centers


The Nairobi Hospital is renowned for the high quality nursing care and provision of excellent patient services nationally, regionally and globally. Because we pride in professionalism and, we take great care to recruit and retain nurses of high calibre who are committed to quality patient care.

Consistency in care delivery is guaranteed through the development and utilization of nursing procedures, policies and standards set against International bench marks. Regular internal audits are done to service delivery level and guide and continual improvement.

The nursing division is regarded as the hospital’s backbone in medical care giving patients a positive hospital experience and a conducive environment for quick recovery.

  1. Wards
    – Medical
    – Surgical
    – Pediatrics
    – Obstetrics
  2. Operating Theatres
    – Main theatre
    – Labour ward Theatre
    – Day Surgery Theatre
  3. Infection control Department
  4. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Department
  5. Counseling Department
  6. Social work
  7. Chaplaincy
  8. Nutritionist Department
  9. Central Sterile Services Department
  10. Specialized departments
    – Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    – High Dependent Unit (HDU)
    – Dialysis Unit/ Renal Unit
    – Cardiac cathertilization (Cath-lab)
    – Endoscopy department
    – Chemotherapy Department