All you need to know about Our Specialist Centers


  • Mondays 12pm -4pm
  • Tuesday 8am-4pm
  • Wednesday 8am-12 pm
  • Thursday 1pm -4pm


  • Thursday 8am -12pm
  • Mondays 2pm – 4pm


  • Mondays 9am -12pm (Paediatrics)
  • Mondays 9am -12pm ( Adults)


  • Thursday 8am-12pm


  • Monday – 8am -4pm (Collection of TB drugs on daily basis except Sundays)
  • Saturdays 8am -12pm.


  • Monday –Friday 8am- 4pm
  • Saturdays 8am -12pm


  • Wednesday 9am -12pm


  • Wednesday 10am -4pm
  • Every weekday for diabetes education and blood sugar check by appointment


  • Monday –Friday 8am -5pm
  • Saturdays 8am -12pm


  • Wednesday 2pm -4pm (Adults)
  • Saturdays 8am- 12pm (Paediatrics)


  • Monday –Friday 8am -4pm.


  • Friday 1pm -4pm


  • Monday –8am to 4pm
  • Wednesday 10am-4pm
  • Thursday 8am-12noon
  • Friday 8am -4.00pm



  • Fridays 2pm -4pm.
  • Monday 2pm -4pm


  • Thursdays 8am -12pm
  • Friday 8am -12pm
  • Tuesday 2pm -4 pm


  • Mondays 9am- 12pm
  • Thursdays 2pm -4pm.


  • Saturday 8am -12pm.


  • Wednesday 5.30pm- 7.30 pm
  • Saturday 10am -12pm


  • Tuesdays 8am -12pm


  • Alternate Thursdays 2pm -4pm (not started)


  • Monday –Friday 9am -4pm


  • Monday 8am -12pm (Consult before booking)
  • Wednesday 2pm – 4pm
  • Saturdays 8am -12pm (retina clinic)


  • Mondays 8am -12pm(spinal clinic)
  • Tuesdays 8am -12pm (joints clinic)
  • Wednesdays 8am -12pm
  • Thursday 2pm -4pm (Joints clinic)
  • Fridays 8am -11am
  • Saturdays 9am -12pm


  • Monday to Friday 8am -4pm



  • Mondays 2pm- 4pm
  • Wednesday 2pm -4pm
  • Fridays 2pm -4pm


  • Monday –Friday 8am -4pm
  • Saturdays 8am -12pm.


  • Monday 2pm 4pm
  • Saturday 9am -12pm


  • Monday 8am -12pm
  • Thursday 2pm- 4pm


  • Monday –Friday 8am -4pm


  • Friday 8am -12pm
  • Friday 2pm -4pm


  • Tuesdays 2pm -4pm (paediatric)
  • Fridays 1pm -4pm (adult)


  • Wednesday 2pm -4pm
  • Thursday 8am -12pm
  • Friday 2pm -4pm
  • Saturday 8am -12pm


  • Fridays 8am -12pm


  • Monday –Friday 8am -5pm
  • Saturdays 8am -12pm


  • Thursdays 8am -12pm

Kindly note that it is on appointment basis.

 Call to book: 0730666860/1/2/7

Email Address: andersonclinic@nbihosp.org

The NHWC is located within the confines of the Nairobi Hospital complex. It houses several clinics which include:

  • Antenatal and maternity services with feto -maternal medicine specialization
  • General gynecology services
  • Menopausal medicine
  • Minimally invasive and gynaecological surgery services

Antenatal and maternity services

The Nairobi hospital provides top of the range antenatal, labour and maternity services under one roof. We provide antenatal services and packages suited to ones needs. The Anderson maternity package is run in the Anderson hospital centre located adjacent to the doctor’s plaza. It is open to all and is run by qualified obstetrician gynaecologist supported by a team of midwives and nurses who will support your medical and social needs from before conception to delivery and thereafter in care of the baby.

Antenatal Package- Ksh 40,000

This package covers for

  • 6 Antenatal visits (any extra visits out of the schedule will b charged separately)
  • 2 Postnatal visit by  doctor
  • 1 Neo-natal baby visit ( at 2 weeks old)

Normal Delivery Package –Ksh 80,000

The Package includes

  • Midwife’s delivery charges
  • Obstetricians ,Paediatricians & Resident Registrar fee
  • Post-natal investigations i.e. Laboratory tests and 1 ultrasound scan.
  • Post-natal standard drugs
  • Normal ward bed for two days
  • Nursery Charges for 2 days with vaccinations

Assisted Normal Delivery Package-Ksh 100,000

  • All services in the normal delivery package
  • Forceps/Vacuum delivery

Caesarean Section Package – Ksh 160,000 

  • All services offered in the normal delivery  package
  • Anaesthetist fee
  • Theatre fees
  • 2 sessions of post-natal exercises at physiotherapy
  • Normal ward bed for 3 days
  • Nursery Charges for 3 days with vaccinations

Any other different medicine and services will be charged separately.
The above packages (normal delivery & C/S) are payable in advance, up to day of admission, this is based on a ward bed. You can pay once or in installments. However, if you prefer to occupy a private room, an additional cost will be incurred. The only exemption to the above package will be in case of unforeseen complications during delivery.

Charges not Included in the Maternity Package

If during your pregnancy and delivery you or the baby require other treatments, surgery or hospitalization other than those included in the package offer, these will be charged at the cost of the treatment.

  • Medicines or vitamin supplements other than ferrous sulphate.
  • Any other laboratory or X-ray tests other than prenatal investigations.
  • Hospitalization during pregnancy other than delivery.
  • Specialized treatments for mother or baby in case of sickness.
  • A separate Pediatrician’s fee shall be charged for a second or third baby incase of twins or triplets.
  • A visit by the clinic doctor during hospitalization

Extra visits by doctor – 1,500/- (per day)
Delivery conducted by the Doctor (not Midwife) – 12,000/-

  • Vacuum delivery – 12,000/-
  • Removal of retained placenta under anaesthesia – 25,000/-
  • Repair of lacerations

Under general anaesthesia – 20,000/-
Under local anaesthesia – 10,000/-

In the case of antenatal needs outside the clinic days, please visit the A & E.

Please feel free to ask any questions/concerns you may have during your visits and stay in the hospital.


There are supportive services offered in the clinic. These include:

  • Lamaze and baby birthing classes. These are important especially to first time mothers as these help one understand what to expect when in labour and immediately after delivery. These classes are offered by qualified Lamaze instructors. They run twice a week on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Booking is allowed by calling +254703082000
  • Lactation classes: These advice on how to breast feeds and addresses challenges met by new mothers.
  • Nutritional support
  • Physiotherapy support
  • Medical support: especially for those with other illnesses over their pregnancies and this include diabetes and hypertension

General gynaecological services

  • Routine gynaecological checkups & pap smear
  • Breast examination
  • Treatment of infections
  • Management of fibroids, cysts and pelvic pain
  • Family planning services

Menopausal medicine

  • Assessment and management of menopausal problems
  • Hormonal replacement therapy

Minimally invasive and gynaecological surgery

  • Management of fibroids and cysts
  • Surgery for pelvic problems
  • Management of ectopic pregnancies

Removal of the womb/hysterectomy via laparoscopy or vaginally or through the abdomen.

Chemotherapy Unit

The Nairobi Hospital Cancer Treatment Center, is housed in The Nairobi Hospital (TNH) – a tertiary hospital found in Nairobi city. It houses a team that provide seamless care needed in diagnosis of cancer investigation, surgery, treatment, nursing, rehabilitation, palliation & supportive care. Good multidisciplinary team based care is translated into personalized service. We truly provide you healthcare with a difference.
The prevalence of cancer in Kenya has been on the increase in the past years due to a number of factors like, general increase in population, increased life expectancy, shift in lifestyle and exposure to more toxins. Breast and cervical cancer are commonest cancers in women in this country while colon/intestinal cancer and prostate cancer being top in men. With this worrying trend, the Cancer Treatment Centre was set up with the aim of preventing and managing cancer under one roof.



Cancer is a growing concern in our region. With the number of new cases per year increasing faster than the development of treatment centres, unfortunately, the list is only getting longer.

Emulating our motto of ‘Healthcare with a difference’, The Nairobi Hospital is proud to offer complete and comprehensive cancer care for patients.

The Nairobi Hospital offers state-of-the-art cancer treatment programs in an atmosphere of trust, safety and comfort. We know how important it is to receive quality, professional medical care when you or your family feel vulnerable.

The Cancer Treatment Centre at The Nairobi Hospital fulfills these needs.

HOPE Specialists at The Oncology and Cancer Treatment Centre also have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of every kind of cancer including:

  • Breast cancers
  • Prostate cancers
  • Genitourinary cancers
  • Gastrointestinal cancers
  • Skin cancers
  • Brain tumors
  • Head and neck tumors
  • Sarcomas
  • Melanoma
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Other gynecological cancers
  • Hepatoma
  • Biliary cancers
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Neuroendocrine cancers

Cancer Screening


There are different risks to different people for different cancers. Some cancers are known to pass down families’ i.e. hereditary e.g. Breast, ovary, colorectal/intestinal and pancreatic cancer. Therefore those who have had a family member who has had such cancer would benefit from screening to assess risk and enable us to take necessary measures to prevent cancer.

Other cancers are associated with age , viruses and lifestyle e.g. smoking, stress, alcohol, bad sexual habits and diet for example ,lung cancer, skin cancer, throat (nasopharyngeal), cervical cancer, and food pipe (oesophageal) cancer.

For those with normal risk there are guidelines for when specific screening ought to be done to detect and prevent common cancers. i.e.

  1. pap smears every 2 yrs from 21 yrs of age to screen for cervical cancer
  2. mammogram – 2 yearly to screen for breast cancer in women above 40yrs
  3. Colonoscopy every 2 years for intestinal cancer in populations above 40 yrs of age.

The Cancer Treatment Center offers screening programs that address cancer concerns for individuals.

It is unique in that:

  • Qualified medical personnel do the screening
  • Quick referral to a multidisciplinary oncology team for treatment (Packages)
  • Flexible screening packages that are customized to suit individual risk profiles.
  • Wholesome once centre screening and management of cancer.

Tests and Investigations

General assessment by practitioner: patient history, family history, cancer risk assessment and general physical exam


  • TBC, LFT, Chest X-ray, Pelvic exam and pelvic ultrasound scan, pap smear for cervical cancer, Mammogram

Cancer markers:

  • PSA for prostrate
  • AFP for liver
  • CEA for colon/rectum
  • CA 19-9 for pancreas
  • CA 125 for ovarian cancer.

Additional tests

  • Endoscopy – OGD and colonoscopy
  • Ultrasound hepato biliary system.

Advanced Treatment & Patient Care Services

The Oncology and Cancer treatment centre has a variety of advanced treatment and patient care services, including:

  1. Radiotherapy :
    – Brachytherapy
    – General radiotherapy
  2. Chemotherapy.
  3. Radioactive Iodine Treatment.
  4. Surgery.
  5. Patient Care Services:
    – Nutrition
    – Support groups
    – Palliative care
    – Pain management
  6. Nutritional Services

Radiation Treatment Unit

This unique centre, located on the ground floor, was officially opened in July 2012. It is equipped with the latest state of the art radiation therapy machines to safely and efficiently deliver quality radiation treatment. In addition, there is a high dose rate Brachytherapy unit which allows radiation to be administered by directly introducing a radiation source into the body.

Chemotherapy Unit

This is a high quality day care service offered in a quiet, peaceful and comfortable environment by a team of experienced doctors, nurses and related team members. It is a day care service to clients who do not require to be admitted to hospital for treatment. The centre has all emergency setups in place for use in case of an emergency. Chemotherapy drugs are prepared in the Lamina flow which prevents fumes from the drugs to come into contact with other people and the environment.


  • Cancer wellness
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Cancer surgery
  • Supportive services – palliative care, pain management, nutritional counselling, psychological support, oncology pharmacy, cancer support groups

International Patient Centre

The Nairobi Hospital (TNH) is the leading tertiary private hospital in East and Central Africa. It is the destination of choice among international patient visiting this region. Up to 20% of patients are foreign nationals.

TNH is located in the city of Nairobi and offers comprehensive general practice and specialist services combined with advanced medical technology and great customer care. We seek to provide you with health care with a difference. We provide for complex procedures e.g. neurovascular interventional procedures, targeted cancer treatment, and specialized orthopaedic surgeries, fertility treatment and minimal access surgery. We offer the latest in medical expertise and technology and warm, friendly services focused on the need of our patients.

We offer team based care especially to patients with multiple medical conditions. As a team specialist diagnose and treat patients efficiently and costs are kept low by avoiding repeat and unnecessary consultations and examinations.

We provide a wide range of specialist medical services at both the outpatient and inpatient levels. These include health screening, multidisciplinary specialist clinics, wards, day surgery, delivery suites, ICU, Neonatal ICU, operating theatres, angiography, radiology, clinical laboratory, physiotherapy and Accident and emergency services including hotel calls and medical escort or evacuation.

TNH has set up an international patient centre (IPC) – to provide personalized care to our international patients and to tend to all non medical needs during their stay.


  • Medical enquiries and appointment – recommend and schedule an appointment with the appropriate specialists.

  •  Arrangement for accommodation in Nairobi.
  •  Medical evacuation and repatriation.
  •  Medical translation and interpreter services.
  •  Hospital admission and discharges.
  •  Airport meetings and transfer services.
  •  Visa application and extension.
  •  Travel planning and visitor information.
  •  Secretarial support services.
  •  Concierge services – currency exchange , car rental.
  •  Insurance and billing services.

Financial Services

We have direct payment contracts with a number of international insurances. A dedicated staff of international account representatives can assist patient and families with financial details, before, during and after their visit to NH.
Services include:
• Information about deposits and payment
• Cost estimates and cost updates for medical services

TNH financial services will aim to provide timely accurate and concise billing services to patients and their families.

Our staff will assist for any concerns that may arise.

Language Services

Interpreters are available at no cost to assist communication between our staff and patients whose primary language is not English. These interpreters can attend appointments, translate patient education materials and offer other assistance as needed.
Patients should indicate if they need an interpreter when requesting an appointment.

Efficient scheduling

TNH doctors provide both diagnosis and treatment in the same visit whenever possible. Doctors can report diagnostic test results to patients 1-2 days after testing is completed.

Schedule for appointment for tests, physician consultation and treatment can be compressed into a short period for international patients. This means less time away from home, less expense and more efficient use of patients and family members time.

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability as a healthcare profession, physiotherapy’ science covers a broad and varied range of work which involves working with people to promote their own health and wellbeing. They combine their knowledge, skills and approach to improve broad range of physical problems associated with different ‘systems’ of the body. In particular they treat:

Neuromuscular Musculoskeletal Cardiovascular and

Respiratory systems

The Physiotherapist at the Nairobi Hospital use various Physical agents to promote healing:

Shortwave diathermy

Ultrasound therapy

Interferential therapy Electrical stimulation

Faradic, TENS, Sinusoidal

Moist heat, Hot packs, Cold packs

Wax therapy

Traction Unit

3D Tractions: for both neck and Lumbar traction a unique traction that can be used in different dimensions to assist in pain relieve of trapped spinal nerves. With its outstanding design and features, stability and ease of operation, this unit is perfect for relieving neck and back pains.

The Nairobi hospital also prides in having the more recent laser therapy

Rehabilitation equipments

  • Treadmill
  • Automatic standing frame

Static bikes both upright and recumbent


This is the use of water for treatment purposes at a maintained temperature of 35oC to 37 oC. The Nairobi hospital prides in having two hydrotherapy pools in order to maintain patients confidential.

We have a male and female pool that offers serene and comfortable ambiance for quality treatment.

The Nairobi Hospital has qualified and certified hydro therapist who will take you through a range of activities geared towards:

  • Relieve of general body pains
  • Relieve of Joint pains
  • Gain training after injury
  • Stroke Rehabilitation, Gullen Baree
  • Joint Replacement

All patients for Hydrotherapy are required to undergo a hydrotherapy assessment before treatment is commenced

Occupational Therapy & ADSL

This is treatment that focuses on helping people achieve independence in all areas of their lives – can offer kids with various needs positive, fun activities to improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment for example hand rehabilitation, general functional rehabilitation, splinting, or fabrication of assistive aids, Activities

The Nairobi Hospital Occupational therapy is run by highly skilled Occupational Therapists who are registered under the umbrella of Kenya Occupational Therapy Association

Activities of Daily living(ADSL)

Basic (Feeding, Dressing, Personal Hygiene etc) Instrumental (Shopping, Making telephone calls, Banking etc).


Conditions seen by Occupational Therapists:
Congenital conditions: CTEV, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalous, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome.
Physical trauma: Burns, fractures, tendon injures, head injuries, amputations.
Neurological conditions: Stroke, GBS, facial/bell’s palsy.
Sensory integration conditions: Learning disabilities, postural/gravitational insecurity.

Speech And Language Therapy

The Nairobi Hospital prides itself in having qualified speech and language therapist who assess, treat and gives advises in the areas of communication disorders in children and adults such difference may exist from birth or acquired later in life or injury.
The speech and language therapist will assess your communication difficulties, discuss them with you and your relatives and decide on an appropriate treatment programm. A wide range of `conditions such as developmental delay hearing impairment cerebral malaria, cerebral palsy cleft lip and palate down syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder (autism), CVA (stroke), head injury, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkison’s disease, some dementia syndrome, glossectomy, laryngectomy and others.

Orthopedic Technology

This is a field of management that involves measurement and fabrication of orthopedic devices like AFOS, Braces, Prosthesis for both upper and lower limbs, Measured and fitted Corsets and Pressure garments.

Equipment For Hire/Sell

The division has both orthopedic assistive devices as well
as surgical items available for hirer or for sell.
The following items are available in the PMC

  • Wheelchairs different types including motorized (hire)
  • Crutches both elbow and axillary (hire)
  • Walking frames adjustable and non adjustable (hire)
  • Tripods
  • Squeeze balls
  • Leg splints
    Surgical items,
  • Anti embolic Stockings
  • Pressure graduated stockings
  • Travel stockings
  • Supports Corsets, knee supports ankle supports Wrist
    supports etc
  • Breast prosthesis

InfoA deposit of 100% for items on hire is required and a daily charted deducted from the deposit. For company or insurance paying clients, a letter of authorization should be presented in advance.