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TNH Policy Statements(2021)

Quality Policy Statement
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                                    TENDER INVITATION NOTICE

The Nairobi Hospital thereby invites bidders to tender for conversion of the old kitchen building into Cardiac Centre in the following category;

NOTE: The price at Kshs.5,000.00 is per all the Tender Documents since this is a single package Tender and only the Main Bidder (Equipment Supplier) will submit the tender. A receipt as proof of purchase should be submitted together with the bids. Bids without receipts attached will not be evaluated.   Addendum No. 01

1 TNH/01/1.1

– Volume 1A

– Volume 1B


Main Works





2 TNH/02/2.1 -Volume 2A General Electrical Installations Download
3 TNH/02/2.2 – Volume   2B Security Systems Installations Download
4 TNH/02/2.3 – Volume 2C Nurse Call System Installations Download
5 TNH/03/3.1 – Volume 3A Plumbing, Drainage & Fire fighting Installations Download
6 TNH/03/3.2 – Volume 3B Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning(HVAC) Installations Download
7 TNH/03/3.3 – Volume 3C Medical Gases Installations Download
8 TNH/04/4.1 – Volume 4 Supply & Installations of catheterization Laboratory Equipment & other Auxiliary Equipment Download
9 TNH/05/5.1 – Volume 5 Complete Tender Drawings Download
10 TNH/06/6.1 – Volume 6 Technical Proposal Download

NB: The Main Contractor must be an internationally recognized and qualified Catheterization Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer / Supplier. The works shall be tendered as one lot with the Medical Equipment Supplier expected to enter into a Joint Venture Agreement with Civil Works Contractors  (NCA 3 and above) as well as other specialist sub-contractors (NCA 3 and above). Bidders may seek further clarifications / addenda through the following email hosp@nbihosp.org with a copy to procurement@nbihosp.org and tnhprojects@nbihosp.org

Alternative bids are also encouraged. In case a bidder wants to submit an alternative tender with a different work method / design, then the bidder will submit two bids, one contained in the issued bills and a second one clearly marked “ALTERNATIVE 2” A TECHNICAL PROPOSAL containing company profiles of all the companies participating in the tender will also be issued separately with the FINANCIAL PROPOSAL. Only those bidders who qualify under the Technical Evaluation will be advanced to Financial Evaluation. The Technical Proposal shall be filled by each of the participating bidders separately even if participating jointly with others and all bound as one document.

A joint Venture Agreement between the companies tendering together will be included in the Main Contractor’s Technical Proposal. A Pre-Bid site visit date has been set for Wednesday, 25th August 2021 from 09:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to which Catheterization Laboratory Equipment.

Manufacturer/Supplier/Agents are encouraged to attend. In order to set the site visit Programme, in compliance with Covid protocols, the designated bidders are requested to confirm their pre-bid site visit attendance before Wednesday, 18th August 2021 through the email tnhprojects@nbihosp.org in order to be allocated a time and be advised of the same. A non-refundable fee of Kshs. 5,000.00 (Shillings Five Thousand) is payable via Mpesa Pay bill No. 998151, A/C No. Company Name at the Main Hospital Cashier’s desk. Tender response documents must be submitted on or before Wednesday, 15th September 2021 at 1400 Hours East African Time at the: Tender Box at Procurement Office Corporate Services Centre Second Floor.

The Nairobi Hospital is not obliged to accept any proposal or give any reasons thereof.